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Bob Jones University Lingo

Assistant Prayer Captain. In each dorm room at BJU, one student is assigned the APC. As APC, this student is expected to provide a positive Christian role model for his roommates. APC duties include leading room prayer meetings on Sunday and Wednesday nights before light bell. APCs are rarely--if ever--freshmen, though most juniors and seniors are APCs eventually. APCs can also provide chaperoning services when necessary, more so on the girl's side of campus than the guy's side. (More on this in the Social Life section.) APCs may be held somewhat responsible or questioned if their roommates get involved in unapproved or inappropriate behavior.
Short for "Bob Jones," this term is used by students of Bob Jones University, as well as others outside the University. Generally a term of derision when used in the student environment: to be called a BoJo (or the shorter version of "Boj") to your face is rare. It's reserved for those fellow students who seem to believe that the rules and regulations of Bob Jones University are as inspired as the Bible. The term is frequently applied to APC's, PC's, and Hall Leaders, but not often fairly. NOTE: In the Real World, being called a BoJo may or may not be intended as an insult: in fact, BJU alumni will frequently refer to themselves as BoJo's.
Accumulation of demerits will result in various penalties. Being campused means you are not permitted to go off-campus for any recreational, social, or ministry activity. You might still be able to go to your off-campus job if you have one though. This typically kicks in at the 100+ demerits stage if memory serves correctly.
Used in the context of determining if a likely-unpermitted activity or object is permitted. For example: "Does this music check?" or "I don't think your skirt checks." Typically, if it's doubtful, it doesn't.
Things that do check: Ron Hamilton's WIngs as Eagles, Vangelis' Chariots of Fire Theme, most pre-1940's big band music, and skirts that cover the knee.
Things that don't check: George Winston [because he publishes under a new age label], music from any R-rated movie regardless of the musical style, and spaghetti straps.

Dating Parlor (The D.P., or The Dip)
Resembling a furniture store with an immense stock of couches and loveseats, the "Dating Parlor" is a room in the Student Center where serious dating couples go to get away from the chaos of the snack shop and game rooms and enjoy some quality conversation--something of a lost art in the 90's, but well worth the effort.
The primary method of discipline at BJU is a demerit system. Many rules have typical demerit penalties: failing room check, being late to a class, and other minor etiquette infractions range from 5 to 10 demerits. Uncheckable music is 50 demerits; severe social violations carry even higher penalties. At various demerit point levels (75, 100, 125), you might be "socialled" [have dating privileges revoked], "campused" [not allowed to leave campus], "restricted" [not allowed to participate in extra-cirricular activities], or "de-APC'd" or "de-PC'd" [have your APC or PC position revoked]. If you earn more than 150 demerits in a semester, you may be expelled. Frankly, if you have time to earn a lot of demerits, you're probably not using your time wisely.
Discipline Committee ("D.C.")
When a BJU student mentions a trip to D.C., be assured they're not referring to our nation's capital. Every week, a list is posted in each dormitory lobby with the names of students who have received demerits. If your name appears on the list for a minor infraction (room check, late to class, failure to check in after being off-campus), you'll see an abbreviation code. If your name is on the list and there isn't a code, you have to stop by the D.C. office and find out what the infraction was. It's probably a bit like going to a city traffic court in a small town regarding traffic tickets: you can try and contest 'em if you want. The only difference is that the D.C. line is on the first floor of the main classroom building--if you're in line, everyone who walks by will probably see you! It's a bit humbling, but harmless.
Dorm Supervisor ("Dorm Sup" pronounced "Dorm Soop")
Usually a ministerial student ("preacher boy"--but I use this term in the most complimentary sense, don't misread me!); in "charge" of an entire dormitory.
Hall Leader
A position of student authority, generally held by a senior student. This is the highest position of authority that a student can typically attain (such as attainment of this sort of authority goes). Sort of a Super PC for one half of a dormitory floor, or about 40 to 80 students. In theory, the Hall Leader is the person you'd go to before you'd go to one of the deans or a dormitory supervisor.

A somewhat lighthearted term referring to Dr. Bob Jones Jr., former chancellor of Bob Jones University. As a grandfatherly figure who was more than free to share his thoughts on any subject, Dr. Bob Jones Jr. was highly respected and loved by the University family.
Light Bell
This term refers to the bell that rings in the dormitories at wakeup time (6:55AM) and at lights out (11:00PM).
Abbreviation of "Prayer Captain." Each set of 3 or 4 dorm rooms is called a "Prayer Group." One student in that group is the Prayer Captain; he also assumes the APC duties in his own room. PC's are frequently seniors or juniors, rarely sophomores, and never freshmen. Most PC's are ministerial students.
According to Becky Derrick, "The Post Office Box you check three times a day, restless to hear news from the outside world. Only the uncool actually call it by the official four- syllable term, much too long for any college student to even consider pronouncing."
Real World
That place outside of BJU, known as "the rest of the world." Similar to that place outside of any academic institution; where you no longer are judged by your GPA, but your work performance.
Abbreviation for "reprobate," generally applied to anyone that breaks more rules than you do, or who has a bad attitude and wears it like a chip on their shoulder.
Reverse Courtesy

It is assumed as a matter of common courtesy that girls will not ask out guys. Twice each school year, the tables turn for one weekend, and the girls are encouraged to ask a guy for a date. And the guy is expected to accept, assuming not providentially hindered. This can be great fun: some of the invitations get very creative.
Snack, The
Thanks to Becky Derrick, who describes this as "the term used for the snack shop in the student center. Although there is no official term for this place, the privileged students who never have to study and can spend all their time hanging out with friends have come to call this place by its familiar name."
To be kicked out of school, usually the result of accumulating 150 demerits, participating in an activity deemed a "shipping offense," or [rarely] failure to maintain a sufficient GPA.
Spit Pit
Refers to the front section of the largest auditorium on campus, the Founder's Memorial Amphitorium, which represents an amphitheater. The front section of seats are actually a few feet below stage level, as if you were in an orchestra pit, and in a direct line from the pulpit. You're within "spittin' distance" of the preacher, as it were.
Snail Trail
From a web site vistor: "That's the walk-your-date-home-after-dinner line that ended at each dorm door, with one of the hall monitors keeping watch to make sure we didn't linger." After dinner, it's typical for a guy to walk his date back to her dorm. Needless to say, you take as much time as possible! The line of slow-walkers that stretches from the Dining Common down the sidewalks in front of the gal's dorms is known as the Snail Trail.
Accumulate 75 demerits, and your dating privileges are revoked. This is called "being socialled." The impact of this penalty varies depending on your social status... or lack thereof.

I'd never heard of this stuff until I came to BJU. Since the walls of most dormitories are plastered (better soundproofing, easier to maintain, and so on), you can't drive nails very easily, and thumbtacks just don't work well. Sticky-Tack to the rescue! Imagine a kneadable pencil eraser (or Silly Putty) that's just tacky enough to affix items of up to double its own weight to a wall. Posters, pictures, you name it, it's been Sticky-Tacked to a wall at BJU. Sold at the Bookstore--get some when you're getting your freshman year class books, and it's good for 5 years or more if you keep it lint-free.


See "Check" above.

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