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The Myth of Adolescence

But What About the Adolescent Wild Streak?

(Note: this article is a sidebar to other materials regarding Bob Jones University elsewhere in this site.

I suppose we've all heard the popular Generation X stories where someone is in a seeming dead-end life in the Midwest and decides to go out to see the world, live it up, get high/stoned/drunk/whatever'd, and make a name for themselves... *yawn*. There does seem to be that Time Of Life when you just have to let the Wild Streak in your soul run free and go find yourself by trying everything under the sun, right?

Isn't a school like Bob Jones University too strict, resulting in a failure to properly explore one's personality and develop a proper world view?

Reality Check: No.

In historical reality, the period of time we call "adolescence" was created by American society sometime in the past 30 years. Before then--probably before your time, if you consider yourself Generation X--you were actually expected to behave like an adult and take on significant responsibilities far earlier than people do now. I'm amazed at how long it takes some people--sometimes 20 to 30 years--to realize the Big Truths:

  • The world's bigger than me.
  • There's something in the world more important than me.
  • I'm responsible for me... not you.
  • No one owes me a living.
  • I like to add to this, "There is a God--and you ain't Him!"

You don't need to follow the rest of Generation X and try to make a name for yourself. You'll probably make one in an obituary column.

But back to Bob Jones University. If you're in the midst of the Wild Streak, or feel like you need it--you're going to have a rude awakening at BJU. Start your Wild Streak while a student at BJU, and you'll be shipped and asked to not return until you find yourself.

Many people often complain that BJU treats them like kids. On the contrary: you're expected to be acting like adults.

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