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About Troy Thompson

A Brief History

  • Summer, 1970: Born at a very young age in northwest Indiana.
  • Summer, 1976: Family and I moved to Wheatfield, Indiana, a quaint, peaceful town about 50 miles south of Hammond, Indiana and just west of the middle of nowhere.
  • Fall, 1984: Aunt Debbie buys me a Commodore 64 computer. (Price at the time? $500). Yes, I still have a Commodore up in the attic. And it works.
  • Spring, 1988: Graduated from Lowell Baptist High School. I was in the top 10 in my graduating class... which had 9 students. Senior Trip was to Washington, DC.
  • Fall, 1988: Enrolled in Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina.
  • Spring, 1993: Graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in computer science. Decided I didn't want to write code for the rest of my life, but would rather have some contact with businesspeople instead.
  • Spring, 1993: Began the wonderful world of work as a PC Hardware Tech at Fluor Daniel Corp., Greenville, South Carolina. Learned more about IRQ, DMA, and other PC hardware acronyms.
  • Spring, 1994: Transferred to the Network Management department of Fluor Daniel Corp. and dove into the turbulent waters of Novell Netware 3.x/4.x administration.
  • Summer, 1995: Got my feet wet in the cybersea via a crash course in WinSock and TCP/IP/SLIP/etc... good thing I can swim... Currently using a 14.4K dialup line, which is more like a slow canoe ride than surfing, but it sure beats snail mail and channel surfing.
  • Winter, 1996: Transferred to ACQUION, a Fluor Corporation. We specialized in electronic commerce and supply-chain catalog solutions.
  • Summer, 1996: Married Jessica on June 22, 1996 and have been honeymooning ever since!
  • Winter, 1996: Still at ACQUION, Inc. as the "marketing and corporate content webmaster." That means that every file that ends in .htm on our web server is my fault.
  • Winter, 1998: ACQUION was purchased by Harbinger, and I stayed on board for the wild ride!
  • January, 1999: Now the intranet webmaster for Harbinger--and still enjoying it. Relocated to the Atlanta suburbs, bought a townhouse, and we're really hoping for ADSL or a cable modem by Christmas so I can telecommute a day or two each week at a reasonable speed.
  • Did I say Harbinger? Sorry, there was a merger and now it's Peregrine Systems.
  • Whoops, let's make that Sonova Systems, LLC, where I am webmaster and "chief internet consultant."
  • Time passes... there are some contracts with Melita and other companies...

Where I am Now

I'm the I.T. Manager at EnvisionWare, a software company specializing in public PC management with installations at major libraries across the world.