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Blah, blah, blog!

After months--yea, years--it's time for me to admit defeat on a few fronts and switch my personal web site to something more industrial-grade. Way back in 2001, I worked on the Sonova Systems LLC "Site Builder" product, and have used it to maintain my personal web site. I've recently started using Drupal to maintain commercial sites, and I must admit it's quite impressive. Site Builder is more suited to sites for magazine publication; Drupal works great for personal sites.

Blog: an on-line diary which anyone can read, and no one will.

Next, there's the little matter of Web 2.0 and blogging. When I first heard all the hub-bub about blogs, I was rather confused. I had been using "blogging" software for years without realizing that's what it was called. It made sense to me that the best way to maintain a web site would be through a web browser. I won't begin to assume that every little thought that crosses my mind or silly thing that happens in my life is going to be worth your bandwidth though.

MySpace: It would appear the million monkeys are trying very, very hard at that "whole works of Shakespeare" thingy.

Finally, after dodging the entire MySpace thing, I've ventured out into Facebook, primarily because there are many friends who are also using it, and it sure beats blasting emails all around to keep in touch.

Ubuntu: African bantu for "best Linux distro ever... this week..."

And with that, a new era begins. (In Internet time, an era is roughly six months.) I'm writing this on a standalone installation of Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, PHP, and Drupal 5.x with TinyMCE. Hopefully, my web host will support the full feature set, or I'm in trouble.

Now I'm off to find a template that doesn't make my site look like every other Drupal clone out there...