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Israel Trip 2010 - Feb 14 - Last Minute

Feb 14: Scrambled around Gwinnett county to find spare batteries for my camcorder, only to end up right where I bought it in the first place, Fry's Electronics. Found several by "Lenmar," whom I've never heard of. Also had to stop by the office to replace a dying RAID controller and initiate the copy of 300GB+ of data. I hope it finished OK...

Last things on the list: I want a windbreaker with good pockets, and we need to pick up cash. Tomorrow's a federal holiday, so that means no cash at a bank, which means $1 bills will be a bit difficult to get!

Reflections on Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture masterpiece

Last year, I had a Frank Lloyd Wright calendar on my office wall; the entry for Fallingwater noted the house was located in Pennsylvania. On

A 20-Year-Old Podcast: Special Deliverance, aka "Worldly Darkness High School"

In my sophomore year of college, a room-mate of mine loaned me a tape of a radio drama produced by an organization called Eternal Vision. It's part Pilgrim's Progress, part surreal, and completely thought-provoking.

Great news, fans! The CD is out of print, but you can buy Special Deliverance via iTunes!

Do You Know Who Your Kids are Texting?

So I'm settling in for the evening with my family, and I get a text message. I'll protect the sender's identification... for reasons you'll find quickly.

        404452???? : Ask mariel wat was the home work in math 

I didn't know the sender, I don't have homework, and I certainly didn't know any Mariel. I figured I might as well try and figure out the real scoop here.

        Me : wat? 

Apparently this was interpreted as "type that again" rather than "what in the world are you talking about?"


Berean Baptist Church choir on YouTube

Courtesy of some extensive work by our A/V system folks at church, our choir is on YouTube--or at least our voices are!

The Berean Baptist Church choir sings It Is Well in a new arrangement by Mark Hayes. A setting of historical documents and serene images brings the song to life quite well.

View the video here at YouTube.

Berean Baptist Church to Appear on Good Morning America

On Sunday, February 3, 2008, our pastor, Dr. Dan Sweatt, informed the congregation that Berean Baptist Church may be included in a Good Morning America "Super Tuesday" Election episode on February 5.

I plan to TiVo--I mean, ATIAIW (ATI All-In-Wonder)--the episode and will at least post a web digest. Fair use laws permitting, I may post portions applicable to my fellow members of Berean Baptist Church.

Stay tuned...

Carol of Joy by Eileen Berry

Ever start to learn a song and find out that you can't get through it without getting emotionally overwhelmed? I'm in that situation this year.

Bob Jones University Endorses Mitt Romney -- NOT!

It appears that Dr. Bob Jones III and Dr. Bob Taylor of Bob Jones University are actually human beings capable of making independent decisions of their own free will!


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