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Willow Creek Repents? from Christianity Today

For years, I've wondered about the seeker-friendly mega-church movement, as endorsed by folks like Willow Creek. And out of nowhere, they're now saying, "We made a mistake?"


The following material is from the blog, verbatim, without edit or comment.

Next Step: Teach the Cats to Flush...

If you are in Georgia, you are likely under water usage restrictions of some sort due to the long-standing drought. Monday's morning radio talk shows explained things we should be doing: install low-flow showers, buy water-saving appliances, recycle rinse water, turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth, and so on. Certainly nothing worth losing sleep over.

So What's Wrong with Halloween?

After years of opinionating from "Halloween is EVIL" to "Halloween is harmless", I think I've finally figured out the thing that bugs me about Halloween; it's not what it means, but rather what it doesn't mean...

New Site Launches

At long last, is given a major overhaul and a new content management system. I can't guarantee more frequent updates, but it certainly will be easier this way.

Now to find all the broken links and fix 'em up...

Blah, blah, blog!

After months--yea, years--it's time for me to admit defeat on a few fronts and switch my personal web site to something more industrial-grade. Way back in 2001, I worked on the Sonova Systems LLC "Site Builder" product, and have used it to maintain my personal web site. I've recently started using Drupal to maintain commercial sites, and I must admit it's quite impressive. Site Builder is more suited to sites for magazine publication; Drupal works great for personal sites.


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