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BJU Food Tips

The Dining Common is suprisingly good--and it's been improving a lot in the past few years with all sorts of neat goodies. However, if you must bring your own...

  • I recommend food in self-contained, non-refrigerated packaging with a near-infinite shelf life. (Refrigerator space is available, but limited. Those with prescription medications which must be refrigerated [insulin?] would take priority over the fudge Mom sent you!)

  • With a Bi-Lo grocery store within 15 minutes walking distance, why bring a lot of food? The prices aren't bad, considering the increasing metropolitan atmosphere of Greenville.
  • Microwave popcorn is manna from Heaven on Friday nights, if you're into that kind of thing. Prepare to share!
  • Keep in mind you might have to share to keep the peace in your room, prayer group, or hall. My mom's chocolate fudge bought a lot of friends...
  • Avoid odorous foods such as kippers--remember the confined quarters you're dealing with!
  • No matter what you decide to eat, if you can't cook it in a microwave, forget it. I've heard of neat stunts with clothes irons... but that can be messy.
  • As far as I know, hotpots are permitted, and are great for soup, macaroni 'n cheese (3 boxes for $1 at BiLo! Whoo-hoo!), and that high-fat wonder, Ramen noodles. Coffee pots are welcome, but instant coffee is more practical if you're not real finicky. Myself, I drink coffee rarely, so when I do, I want the good stuff!
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