Poked by Staples, or, Kindle Conviction

You never know when you'll get poked, spiritually speaking. This infographic showed up in my Facebook feed: How Long Will It Take to Read Your Book by Steve Laube.

I skimmed through the list, and noticed the Bible shows up at 43.49 hours to read, notably less than the Harry Potter series.

Think on that. If you've read all of Harry Potter, and yet have not read through the Bible, what's your excuse?

Space is Big. Really Big. And Old. And Young.

It's quite common for Christians to accept the idea that Adam was created as fully mature and functional human adult; if you met Adam on day 8 of Creation, you'd meet a fully mature human male, not a newborn.

And yet for some reason we stumble over the idea that a planet, star, or galaxy must be older because it looks that way and go wimpering off into a philosophical corner to devise the Genesis Gap Theory or some other claptrap.

Only God

This past Sunday, May 19, 2013, the choir of Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, GA sang Only God by Mary McDonald.

Don't mean to brag, but this is pretty much the stuff awesome is made of!

Only God can move a mountain; only God can calm the sea.
Only God can heal a wounded spirit; Only God, only God!

Bob Jones University and Stolen Nazi Art

I still get letters. This one needed some homework.

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 11:41 AM, T.E. <[email protected]> wrote:

Urban legend I would like to know the answer to: 

How did Bob Jones University get the works of Rubens and van Dyck and a ton of other works from the Baroque period when they were barely able to stay economically viable as a school for so many years?

It's 12/12/12!

I suppose there is some deep meaning to this date. It's the last time this century that the year, month, day, hour, minute, second, whatever all line up. Other than looking rather interesting, I can't think of anything significant.

But in the spirit of recording "something" about this date... it was opening night of Two From Galilee at Berean Baptist Church, and it went quite well. Many months of work paid off--just two more performances, and it's all done.

That's about it. In fact, Two From Galilee has pretty much been all we've thought about for the past several months!

EOS CCA - Just Following Experian's Lead


If you have been getting pestered by EOS CCA via mail or phone, you probably should pull a copy of your credit report RIGHT NOW. Experian botched up Jessica's report. Badly. The report went on for 24 pages, included 6 other "Jessica Thompson"'s we don't know, and contained over $200,000 of debt history.

If Jessica had tried to apply for a home loan, I suspect she'd have ended up in jail. It was that bad.

Farewell, Vonage: Hello Google Voice!

We were Vonage customers since July of 2004. Our basic plan price had climbed gradually--thanks to tax and fees--from $16.94 a month up to $29.04. Granted, that's not a stack of cash. But I was wondering if we couldn't do better. After all, I had been paying about that much to host this web site at DataRealm for quite some time, and now we're at NearlyFreeSpeech.net for dramatically less.

Never Seen It: Duck Dynasty

Seems that several of my Facebook friends are fans of Duck Dynasty, an A&E Network cable TV show.

All I keep thinking of is this:

New web host, new Drupal version

At long last, I'm firing my previous web host, DataRealm.com. I've been with DataRealm a VERY long time, and a few years ago they changed to a new pricing model. Rather than simply moving my limited legacy account of $24.95 per month to one of their unlimited accounts for $9.95 per month, they let me continue paying the legacy price. Hrmph.

Vitamin D and Me

I am a fan of Steve Gibson, author of the SpinRite hard drive maintenance tool and the discoverer of "spyware". His web site at http://www.grc.com contains many valuable computer security articles and other freeware goodies. He also has a weekly podcast with Leo Laporte, hosted at http://twit.tv/sn and available free.



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