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New web host, new Drupal version

At long last, I'm firing my previous web host, I've been with DataRealm a VERY long time, and a few years ago they changed to a new pricing model. Rather than simply moving my limited legacy account of $24.95 per month to one of their unlimited accounts for $9.95 per month, they let me continue paying the legacy price. Hrmph.

We're now hosting this site on Drupal 7 at whose libertarian-leaning stance is quite refreshing. That, and you only pay for the bandwidth, space, and whatnot that your site actually uses. This is not a web host for the non-geek. It's SSH/SFTP-enabled, PHP safe mode wrapped goodness with bare-bones control panel functionality; and that's all I need. The BSD platform is a bonus.

Oh, and I'm a cheapskate whose site barely gets any traffic, so... there's that!