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What She Needs From Her Man

What she needs is exactly what you are, and yet tend not to be.

You are direct, brash, loud, forceful, demanding, controlling, domineering, almost unfeeling. You are logic, reason, conclusion, action.

She needs what you are tempered with knowledge of what she is...

She is hinting, warm, fuzzy, ethereal, emotional, following,
and names the emotions which you feel and cannot express before her.

She will not disdain your compassion, passion, vulnerability, or fallibility.
She needs to see honest and true confidence in you... and her.
She first needs your shoulder--not solutions--when she expresses her woes.

She needs your loyalty for her security,
your honesty for her trust,
and your commitment for her love.

She needs unexpected roses, just because.

She needs you to remember that sometimes
the best thing for your love life is for you to
take out the trash,
do the dishes,
and cuddle with her!

She needs to know you are real, tangible, touchable, reachable.

She will see you as awesome, loving, wonderful, unsurpassable!

She needs you.
Step up, take initiative, then
Stand back, take a look, and be amazed!