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Bob Jones University Endorses Mitt Romney -- NOT!

It appears that Dr. Bob Jones III and Dr. Bob Taylor of Bob Jones University are actually human beings capable of making independent decisions of their own free will!

How To Do Your Laundry

The Thompson Strategy for Collegiate Laundry

Or, How to Get Your Saturdays Freed Up at College!

    BJU and the KJV

    I'll make my comments and ponderings on this later.

    (The following material was duplicated in its entirety from the Bob Jones University web site. Only the layout has been slightly modified: all content is in its original state.)

    The following is a letter sent by Dr. Bob Jones III to pastors regarding the recent accusations questioning BJU's stand on scriptural integrity.

    May 20, 1998

    Dear Pastor:

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    BJU Food Tips

    The Dining Common is suprisingly good--and it's been improving a lot in the past few years with all sorts of neat goodies. However, if you must bring your own...

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      BJU Dorm Life

      If you want the straight scoop on the dorms--um, residence halls!--check out : that's far more up

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      BJU Dorm Life, for the Men

      Top Ten Things to Bring... or Leave.

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        Urban Legends about Bob Jones Unversity

        As high-profile as BJU tends to be, you are bound to hear some very unusual things. Here's a list of the rumors I've heard about BJU--and the facts behind them as far as I know.

        I recommend you visit sometime: or at least take a look at a live webcam from front campus.


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