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Vitamin D and Me

I am a fan of Steve Gibson, author of the SpinRite hard drive maintenance tool and the discoverer of "spyware". His web site at contains many valuable computer security articles and other freeware goodies. He also has a weekly podcast with Leo Laporte, hosted at and available free.


Do You Know Who Your Kids are Texting?

So I'm settling in for the evening with my family, and I get a text message. I'll protect the sender's identification... for reasons you'll find quickly.

        404452???? : Ask mariel wat was the home work in math 

I didn't know the sender, I don't have homework, and I certainly didn't know any Mariel. I figured I might as well try and figure out the real scoop here.

        Me : wat? 

Apparently this was interpreted as "type that again" rather than "what in the world are you talking about?"

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