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Virtua Fighter 2

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Sega Virtua Fighter 2 (also known as VF2) was one of my most favorite games--and still is. The saga of this Sega classic goes something like this...

During my first year of bachelorhood, I frequented a Greenville, South Carolina arcade in the McAllister Square Mall. Incidentally, neither the mall nor the arcade are in business as far as I know, as of October 2002.

At any rate, I had just obtained remedial Internet access through Delphi. It provided a command-line interface to Lynx (text-mode web browser) and nn Usenet news reader. After discovering Sega's Virtua Fighter 2 at the local arcade--and having been a fan of the original Virtua Fighter--I did a bit of looking around for VF2 move lists and combos.

I hit paydirt and pulled down several pages of Virtua Fighter 2 move lists and practiced combos with--and on--a couple buddies of mine each Saturday AM at the Tilt Arcade. The machine was well-maintained, and took a real pounding. After a couple months of spending our discretionary quarter stash at Tilt, we got rather good at the game.

Soon after, Sega released the Saturn game console, and a good conversion of Virtua Fighter 2 was now available at home! Whoo hoo! Then, a PC version was released, along with a later patch to support 3d accelerators.

That brings me to the whole purpose of this page: to host the attached .zip file containing a replacement VF2.EXE which enables Direct 3D support. After upgrading Virtua Fighter 2 for the PC with this file by replacing the original vf2.exe on your hard drive, you'll have more options in the graphic setup menu. Today's GPU's can run VF2 with all detail cranked to the max, and it still looks great.

So, with no further ado... here's the harder-to-find-nowadays .zip file. 

You may download the Virtua Fighter 2 Direct3D patch here: (802KB)